Romanshorn – starting point for Thurgau tourists and a relaxed place

Romanshorn – located between the Bodensee and a green forest, the city is the ideal starting point for discovering the federal state of Thurgau by bike. The harbour and railway station are right next to each other. You can reach the city by train as well as by boat. The lake promenade invites you to […]

Rhine delta – the small jungle at the Bodensee

Rhine delta with its peninsulas, bays and wetlands is not only a refuge for birds and plants. It is also a uniquely beautiful and exciting wilderness. At the starting point at the Rohrspitz there are different parking spaces, some of which are subject to a charge. You can walk on the dam in the direction […]

Radolfzell Bodensee – shopping & cozy city life

Radolfzell Bodensee is a nice place to visit. Looking for a cosy holiday in a charming small town? Then Radolfzell am Untersee is the place for you. With a population of just over 30,000, Radolfzell is the third largest city in the Constance district and rather cozy, but nevertheless offers all shopping possibilities directly on […]

St Gallen – The Swiss student town not far from lake constance

Where is St Gallen ? You will probably ask yourself if you are looking for good Universities in Switzerland or the famous abbey. Otherwise the city isn’t so well known but absolutely worth seeing. St Gallen is located in eastern Switzerland and is only about 15 minutes from the Swiss side of Lake Constance. St […]

Viktorsberg – a beautiful hike in many seasons

Viktorsberg Vorarlberg offers one of my favourite hikes. From the Monastery to Letze and then back to the starting point via the Allmein-Alpe. This 90 to 120 minute tour can be done practically all year round, except when there is a lot of snow, and the Allmein-Alpe is a perfect place to “stop off” for […]

Vaduz Casle – picturesque and historical

Vaduz Castle in the Liechtenstein capital is located in the centre of the Principality of Liechtenstein on a rock terrace and serves as the residence of the royal family. The hill of the Castle is located about 120m above Vaduz and can only be reached on foot or by private car; there is no public […]

Unteruhldingen Lake Constance

Unteruhldingen Lake Constance is another place to visit. In the reconstructed pile dwellings, the history of the early farmers and traders in the foothills of the Alps is shown in six villages built directly on Lake Constance. With 23 reconstructed houses, the museum, founded in 1922, is one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. On […]

Salem casle – one of the most important cultural monuments in Germany.

Salem casle was founded in 1134 and is one of the most important cultural monuments on German territory. Its centre has always been the Gothic cathedral. As part of a visit to the Bodensee Germany, the castle is a great place to visit. After the Middle Ages, Salem experienced a second period of prosperity in […]

Santis switzerland – spectacular views & gourmet food

Santis Switzerland is the landmark of the Lake Constance region. In 1882, the first weather station was set up here, which has since been looked after by a weather guard. At 2,500 metres above sea level, an overwhelming panorama awaits you over the whole of eastern Switzerland, the Lake Constance region, southern Germany, Vorarlberg and […]

Zeppelin museum and Friedrichshafen – fun and adventure

Zeppelin museum is only one of the city’s attractions. Friedrichshafen has some more attractions to offer. Especially for aviation fans, the city is a great place. With the Dornier museum and the Zeppelin museum as well as a really great regional airport, there are some places to visit. Both museums offer insights into the beginnings […]

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Neuschwanstein Casle 03-18

Zell am See 11-17

Bodensee Sightseeing Flight 09-17

Rhine Falls – the largest waterfalls in Europe

Rhine Falls , Schaffhausen  and Stein am Rhein are obligatory places to visit when visiting Bodensee Germany. Especially Schaffhausen with the Rhine Falls is spectacular. The waterfalls are considered the largest  in Europe. The area is beautiful, the vineyards on the banks of the Rhine tempt you to extensive hikes and is also oriented towards […]

Reichenau island – largest island at lake constance

Reichenau island is located at Lake Constance between Radolfzell and Constance. The 4.3 km² large island belongs to the southern Baden municipality of Reichenau in the district of Constance, which comprises island and mainland areas (5100 inhabitants). The island of Reichenau is just two kilometres away from the northern shore of Lake Constance’s Untersee. The 4.5 […]

Damuels Mellau – the heart of the Bregenzerwald

Damuels Mellau are top destinations in the Bregenzerwald both in summer and winter. A particularly nice activity is the hike to kanisfluh. Kanisfluh is a mountain with two sides. On the north side, huge rock faces rise to the summit. But if you approach the mountain from the south, it is easy to climb. The way […]

Meersburg Germany – full of history

Meersburg Germany can be easily combined with a trip to the Affenberg Salem or Überlingen. The city owes its baroque silhouette to the Prince Bishops of Constance. They built magnificent palace complexes. Around these representative buildings are the small alleys, the beautiful squares and the magnificent panoramic terraces of Meersburg. In summer, cozy cafés and […]

Mainau Lake constance – the flower island

Mainau Lake Constance, also called the flower island, is a small paradise. It is very beautiful in spring, when the flowers bloom and you can walk through the gardens in sunshine. The island has a lot to offer. The castle, nature trails, children’s playground, numerous restaurants and the large butterfly house are just some of […]

Lochau Bodensee

Lochau Bodensee is located between Lindau and Bregenz. Although it is more of a transit village, Lochau is also the gateway to one of the most beautiful view points in the area. In Lochau you will find mountain guesthouses with a wide view over the lake and the Swiss Alps, traditional inns or gourmet restaurants […]

Lindau Germany – medieval city flair

Lindau Germany invites you to discove its numerous, beautiful, historic buildings, the excellently preserved medieval old town on the island, and the famous harbour entrance. A walk at the harbour with the mountains in the background is great. The island town of Lindau Germany at Bodensee-Germany is connected to the districts on the mainland, by […]

Karren Dornbirn – Rappenlochschlucht – Rolls Royce Museum

Karren Dornbirn is the mountain of Dornbirn and can be reached within 15 minutes via the motorway from Bregenz. Compared to the Pfänder, the Karren has the advantage of smaller numbers of tourists and a much better restaurant. There is also one of the most interesting scenic gorges and a Rolls Royce museum for car enthusiasts. […]

Hochälpele – the nearest alp at lake constance

Hochälpele is one of the most outstanding viewpoints above the Rhine Valley, the hike there offers views from Lake Constance to the Bregenzerwald. A few meters below the highest point is the Hochälpele hut, so that there is also an ideal place to stop for refreshments. Arrived at the crest the view openes to the […]

Hirschberg Alm – few tourists and great views

Hirschberg Alm is a great trip where you only meet a few tourists. On the southern side of the Hirschberg in the Bregenzer Wald in Vorarlberg lies the village of Langen above the Bregenzerach valley. From here you can hike up to three thousand mountains. The highest is the Hirschberg. From its summit you can […]

Freiburg – capital of the black forest

Freiburg, not to be confused with the Swiss Freibourg, lies west of Friedrichshafen and can be reached by car in about 2-3 hours. The capital of the Black Forest has a lot to offer – whether you’re taking a stroll through the historic old town, getting excited about the city’s culture and history, staying in […]

Pfänder – view over Bregenz and the lake constance

Pfänder Bregenz is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Austrian side of the Lake Constance. The way leads via a cable car from the city centre directly to the mountain. Unfortunately, this variant is a regular weekend attraction for locals as well as tourists, so that you have to wait a long […]

Appenzell Switzerland – pure switzerland feeling

Appenzell Switzerland offers many impressions you would expect from switzerland. Mountains, nature, good food, friendliness. One of the absolute highlights in the region is the hike to Ebenalp. Here you can find a true feeling for the Swiss mountains. The starting and finishing point of the hike is the valley station of the Ebenalp aerial […]

Constance Germany – the biggest city at the lake

Constance Germany the largest city on Lake Constance is unusually interesting simply because of its special geographical location at the outflow of the Rhine from Lake Constance and the border to Switzerland close to the city centre. However, Constance has become a tourist attraction above all because of its very well preserved old town with […]

Bregenz Austria – the capital at lake constance

Bregenz Austria  at the Lake Constance is famous primarily for its festival on the huge lake stage. But the Vorarlberg state capital and its local mountain Pfänder are also worth visiting outside the festival season. Nowhere else on Lake Constance does history and modernity meet so harmoniously as in Bregenz. Bregenz Austria Opera The lake stage […]

Basilica Birnau – the most beautiful church at Bodensee Germany

Basilica Birnau with its unique place above the lake was built in the years 1746 to 1750. It was built by the Voralberg master builder Peter Thumb. The picturesque view from the church to the headland of the ship dock in Unteruhldingen, the Mainau and the lake make the church Birnau one of the most […]