Viktorsberg – a beautiful hike in many seasons

ViktorsbergViktorsberg Vorarlberg offers one of my favourite hikes. From the Monastery to Letze and then back to the starting point via the Allmein-Alpe. This 90 to 120 minute tour can be done practically all year round, except when there is a lot of snow, and the Allmein-Alpe is a perfect place to “stop off” for a break.

From the Allmein-Alpe you return to Viktorsberg in a comfortable way out of the valley. In some of the residential houses, envy can directly befall you, as the great location on the sunny balcony is certainly enviable. At the monastery, one could turn back again, or one could drive, relaxed and with fully charged batteries back downhill.

The skull of St. Victor († A.D.) has been in the Viktorsberg Monastery since the 8th century, from where there is a wonderful view of the Vorderland.

Viktorsberg Vorarlberg can be combined with a visit to Liechtenstein or Dornbirn.


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