Bodensee Germany: travel information, attractions and more.

Bodensee Germany and the region around Lake Constance is one of the most varied and beautiful regions in Europe. The landscape, towns and villages in the area offer a broad spectrum of medieval flair, modern architecture, culture and scenic highlights.

On this website you will find all the information you need for a great stay. Bodensee Hotel gives you information about possible accommodations, the Bodensee Map shows you an overview of the region and the most important sights are explained in articles.

Be it for outdoor activities or relaxing holiday, everyone can have a great time here. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the multitude of possible trip destinations, outdoor activities and events.

While the well-known attractions at the Bodensee are relatively easy to find, there are many other highlights that are not so easy to discover. For this reason I have launched this website.

In the main menu you will find my insider tips sorted by the shores sides of the lake, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the interactive map you will find the different destinations at Lake Constance and in the vicinity.


Most popular attractions at the Bodensee Germany


One of the most popular destinations at Lake Constance Germany is the Island of Mainau. It is located in the northwestern part of Lake Constance and is known above all as a flower paradise. This is due to its Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical vegetation, which is favoured by the Lake Constance climate.

Not far from Mainau is Constance, another highlight at Bodensee Germany. Constance lies directly on the border to Switzerland (Canton Thurgau). The Swiss neighbouring city Kreuzlingen has grown together with Konstanz, so that the state border runs through between individual houses and streets. Here you can find a bit of everything that Germany has to offer.

You should also not miss the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall. At a width of 150 m, the Rhine (coming from Lake Constance) falls from a height of 23 m over the rocks. The average flow rate is 750 cubic metres per second.

Another highlight is the city of Überlingen. There it can be endured both with good and bad weather. The city offers numerous sights and museums but also one of the best thermal baths on Lake Constance.

bodensee germanyA visit to Lindau and Bregenz should not be missing either, if you are in the region. And also the swiss side has wonderful highlights to offer. This includes a trip to the Säntis or the Appenzeller Land.

One of my favourite activities at Lake Constance are sightseeing flights. My experiences and short reports can be found in the Sightseeing Flight Blog.