Damuels Mellau – the heart of the Bregenzerwald

damuels mellauDamuels Mellau are top destinations in the Bregenzerwald both in summer and winter. A particularly nice activity is the hike to kanisfluh.

Kanisfluh is a mountain with two sides. On the north side, huge rock faces rise to the summit. But if you approach the mountain from the south, it is easy to climb.

The way up leads through lovely, green alpine landscapes.

The view from the summit to the north from falling rock flanks is almost dizzying. The Kanisfluh trip can be easily started from Mellau.

Whatever outdoor activities you are looking for, you will find them in Damuels Mellau

Mellau is also the starting point for many activities. Due to its location all leisure activities are possible, e.g. rafting, hiking, canyoning.  If this is not enough for you, you can explore the Bregenzerwald by bike.

If you would like to visit some places closer to the lake have a look at my post about the Pfänder.


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