Santis switzerland – spectacular views & gourmet food

santis switzerlandSantis Switzerland is the landmark of the Lake Constance region. In 1882, the first weather station was set up here, which has since been looked after by a weather guard.

At 2,500 metres above sea level, an overwhelming panorama awaits you over the whole of eastern Switzerland, the Lake Constance region, southern Germany, Vorarlberg and the Alps – or in autumn and winter over the dense sea of fog in the Mittelland.

The mountain, which is visible from far away, is also known for its extreme weather conditions, which otherwise only occur in the high mountains.


Use the cablecar to climb the Santis Switzerland

The first cable car takes you up to the highest vantage point in eastern Switzerland in ten minutes. The three-and-a-half hour mountain hike to the summit is much more strenuous – but no less exciting.

As a reward, you can sunbathe wonderfully on the terrace in the two panorama restaurants, one with service and the other with self-service, or enjoy the powerful cuisine.

The prices for the cable car, at CHF 54 per person, are unfortunately not quite cheap. The trip to the Santis Switzerland is nevertheless an unforgettable one.

More information can be found on the page of Tanya (momstotszurich).



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