Affenberg Salem – a great family adventure

affenberg-salemAffenberg Salem is a great attraction at the Bodensee. You walk through a 20 hectare forest where about 200 monkeys move freely. They may be fed with specially prepared popcorn. There is also a fallow deer enclosure and a pond with ducks and giant carp which can also be fed. Of course there is also a playground and a souvenir shop. An experience for the whole family. The ”Affenberg salem” is a beautiful family destination and an attraction for young and old. In combination with surrounding destinations, the Affenberg can be a welcome alternative to city tours or hiking tours..

Affenberg Salem – Germany’s largest monkey enclosure

Germany’s largest monkey enclosure has been located in Salem on Lake Constance for more than 30 years. The special park concept enables the animals, which originally came from mountain regions in Morocco and Algeria, to live in a near-natural environment and thanks to the very similar climate, the monkeys can stay outdoors all year round.
Instead of many animal species in a small space, the Affenberg Salem shows only a few, but these under optimal husbandry conditions. Visitors can experience the animals up close without separating grids and ditches.

Ideally, a visit to ape mountain is combined with a visit to salem castle.


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